The Challenges and Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Social Worker

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Biased view

Isn't it a bit biased that the woman writing this article is the CEO of the organization that handles testing for social work licensure?

no name more than 5 years ago


Thank you for your question. Certainly, one aspect of her position at ASWB is to educate about social work licensing. As the CEO of ASWB, Mary Jo Monahan is a nationally-recognized expert on the topic of social work licensing and is well-qualified to write a balanced article about licensing, ASWB's efforts toward practice mobility, and both the challenges and benefits brought to her attention in her day-to-day contact with social work licensing board members and practitioners across North America. more than 5 years ago

Licensing challenges

Is there a follow up article or some way to get more information? The author mentioned she was going to offer solutions to some of the challenges of licensure. I would like to hear about that.

Elizabeth Nelson more than 5 years ago

Follow Up

We do not have a follow-up article on our site. You may find that the ASWB site ( provides additional information that you find useful. more than 5 years ago


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