VIDEO: This I Believe: A Social Work Student's Response

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This video is very powerful. And, the student's story is very poignant. As I matriculated through a BSW program, I always wished that instructors would start the first day of class by asking students to authentically articulate their main reason and purpose for wanting to become a social worker instead of asking students to simply introduce themselves by participating in an icebreaker exercise that was found in a textbook. By requiring students to reveal the real reason for desiring to work as social workers, students are free to be open and may be compelled to share their life stories, connect with other students on a much deeper level, and reaffirm their career decisions. When asked, many students tend to give the customary reasons such as, "I want to help others" or "My mother or father is a social worker". Those reasons aren't bad ones, but, they should definitely be framed and rooted in a more profound and heartfelt context that speaks to the emotional aspects an individual's life that dictates the desire to become a social worker. The student's story is a prime example. She wants to become a social worker, "To protect and save other children from what happened to her daughter and prevent what happened to her daughter and make sure mothers don't have to go through what she's going through". I couldn't think of a more commendable and heartfelt reason to become a social worker.

Cee more than 9 years ago

thank you

Cee, thank you so much for your comment. The video is powerful and gives us all some food for thought.

Linda Grobman, Publisher/Editor more than 9 years ago


It doesn't work.

Dawn more than 9 years ago

Watching video

The video may not show on some mobile devices. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will watch it on a desktop/laptop when you get a chance. Thanks.

Linda Grobman, Publisher/Editor more than 9 years ago

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