11 Excellent Reasons To Consider VA for Your Social Work Career

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Careers at VA

Start planning your way into the VA as soon as you decide on a masters level social work degree. A second year practicum field placement at VAMC can turn into a conditionally appointed job-- LCSW is the standard for GS 11 and up, but an otherwise qualified candidate can be hired at the hiring manager's discretion with an understanding that the social worker will have LCSW within three years.

Evan Morrow more than 2 years ago

Veterans helping Veterans

Great article and looking forward to my second career working at a VA center.

Brian Wortel more than 4 years ago

Eh, it skips some areas

I work as a VA social worker. Going to a GS-13 position in under 5 years is extremely rare. If coming out of school, depending on your location and state requirements to get a clinical license it can be extremely difficult. So much so I had to transfer to another state just to get my clinical license as in 1 system/states it would have taken over 7 years to get my LCSW and another was set up for me to have it done in under 3. As for pay, VA pays very well compared to most places. However, school repayment programs are extremely difficult to get from the VA compared to non-va jobs and at times if you read the fine print completely not worth it.

Amy more than 3 years ago

MSW/Marine veteran waiting to join the field!

So thankful and encouraged to have this article today! I’m believing that my hearts desire to join the Veterans Hospital is a matter of when not if. It’s been a long road, but I won’t give up. The Veterans Administration has been there for me and I want to participate in being there for other veterans too.
Thank you
Cpl Rose Chadwell

Rosemary Arce Chadwell more than 5 years ago

Active Marine pursuing a MSW

Hello Rose, I have been in for 18 years and am in the first semester of my MSW program with Walden University. How has your search gone thus far? I am always looking for other veterans to connect to that work within the VA as social workers. Finding a Marine that is pursuing my same interests is even rarer I think. Anyways I was just wondering how you program and job search was going.

Noah Uehling more than 4 years ago


I am a retired Marine and pursuing my MSW as well.

G. Duran more than 3 years ago

MSW/Air Force/Army

Hello Rose I stayed in the military combined over 6 years but now I am also pursuing my MSW with Walden University. I hope to graduate sometime in 2021. I am also looking to work within the VA as a LMSW. It was nice to meet you from one soldier to the next....Good Luck!!!!

Deborah Edwards more than 2 years ago

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