11 Excellent Reasons To Consider VA for Your Social Work Career

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Veterans helping Veterans

Great article and looking forward to my second career working at a VA center.

Brian Wortel more than 1 year ago

MSW/Marine veteran waiting to join the field!

So thankful and encouraged to have this article today! I’m believing that my hearts desire to join the Veterans Hospital is a matter of when not if. It’s been a long road, but I won’t give up. The Veterans Administration has been there for me and I want to participate in being there for other veterans too.
Thank you
Cpl Rose Chadwell

Rosemary Arce Chadwell more than 1 year ago

Active Marine pursuing a MSW

Hello Rose, I have been in for 18 years and am in the first semester of my MSW program with Walden University. How has your search gone thus far? I am always looking for other veterans to connect to that work within the VA as social workers. Finding a Marine that is pursuing my same interests is even rarer I think. Anyways I was just wondering how you program and job search was going.

Noah Uehling more than 1 year ago

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