9 Tools for Your Professional Social Worker Toolkit

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regarding the 9 Tools for your professional SW Tool Kit

I have just joined this important LinkedIn group for NASW members and saw this post from a few months back. I must say I am in total agreement with listing Code of Ethics first. It is often easy to let this slip the forefront of our minds when working in the field no matter what setting. I also noticed #8 regarding self care. This is very very important as we often take care of others in our profession prior to ourselves. I believe healthy social workers striving to maintain work/life balance is crucial to sustain a long term career of helping clients. I can place compassion fatigue on my list of past professional experiences and this is probably more common than we realize and not reported or voiced that often.Creating a better balance for ourselves can help as it has for my own career, and advocating for workplace changes is also needed to improve this opportunity for life balance. Thanks for listing these 9 tools.

Joyce Cohen more than 3 years ago

Respect for Social Workers

I understand that all these things are vital to leading a healthy and balanced professional life. However, what always alarms me is the lack of general knowledge about the social work profession from other disciplines. In many states except NY, California and CT, Social Work is not regarded as a profession and there are no minimum standards for Master's level practitioners in terms of work duties, professional growth and salary. It seems highly unjust that many social workers are paying over $50,000 for a Master's Degree and not even starting out at that rate. I'm also exhausted of having been in the healthcare field and denied promotions time and time again, for non-clinical positions because I'm somehow deemed less qualified than an RN. What are we doing to advance our profession just as Nurses have done with theirs? Yes, we help underprivileged people but does that mean we, ourselves, should barely be making 200% of the poverty rate? I anticipate we will both be losing a lot of Social Workers presently in the profession and have a deficiency of people entering the profession if we do not make some rapid changes. This would be a shame since the services are definitely much needed!

Melanie Stanchina 56 days ago

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