Tips for New Social Workers

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My first Appointment ?

Seemed very Structured, As to mean sit and I will barrage you with questions! , almost as though I was just to answer questions, no eye contact no emotion, let's get done before your hour is up!

An ominous more than 1 year ago

Great article

I really enjoyed reading your article. As a social worker myself, I also dealt with this notion that all my clients have to like me. I remember that I felt crushed emotionally when I would find out by one of my co-workers that one of my clients told them that he or she didn't like it didn't think I was doing enough for them. I think I've learned to simply try my best and behave in the most efficient effective and ethical manner possible. I think deep down inside that's all a social worker can do. You can't control your clients and you can't make everybody like you. I mean you can try to make everybody like but sometimes it's hard to achieve. You just simply have to try your best to provide excellent customer service and help to your clients. You have to try your very best.

Juan Pasillas more than 5 years ago

Tips for new Social Workers

I am a recent graduate of Elms College with my BSW. I am a late starter into the field of Social Work. I found your article interesting and so true of life in general. I came into social work to help one person at a time with providing baby steps of encouragement. When we work with people who grew up in an environment much different than our own, anything can happen. I love the challenge and every little success for them, is a big success to me. One of my greatest concerns as a SW is that I am personally touched by each person who crosses my path. For me, I know Clinical SW is not for me. I want to put my focus on case management, to insure those under my care have safe housing, healthy food available, access to health care, and to provide local resources for those who do not know where to go for help. Maybe I am on the wrong path or I have a misunderstanding of my abilities, but that is my goal as a SW.

Janet Notarfrancesco more than 7 years ago

Very Helpful

Still working on my degree, this was great information. thank you!! :)

Neysa more than 7 years ago

Timely article

i really needed to read this as I am reflecting on recent experiences with mandated clients who are reluctant to try new ways to cope that are not destructive. It's hard to accept that clients would continue hurting themselves when I see a way out for them.

Treva Gilliard more than 8 years ago

Wonderful tips

I'm currently an MSW student and was researching some good books to acquire further information into the field as I'm also a believer that everyday learning is available. I'm glad to have stumbled upon this site. These tips are excellent. I've had a couple of instructors who have preached these same words of wisdom, but with all the new information, it's easy to forget! Thank you for the reminder. I will be bookmarking it for future reference :)

Joanne M. more than 8 years ago

nicely written

I wish I had read an article like this before I started in social work more than a decade ago. I think if more people read this article when they started in this field and continued to refer to it as they practiced we would have less cases of burn out. Thank you for an insightful look into our profession.

Sarah more than 9 years ago

Help with questions

Hey Sarah, I am pursuing a degree in social work but need some advice. I have several questions and concerns and would like some help from a seasoned social worker. Please email me at if you have any time to answer some of my concerns. Thanks in advance.

Ms. T more than 8 years ago

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