Building Your Private Practice

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Lcsw start up

Does anyone has a template of lcsw start up cost and/or yearly expenses budget? Not much information available to start a private practice

Dewanna Chambliss more than 3 years ago

Private practice

We have a few articles on this site relating to private practice. We don't have a template. There are books and websites that address starting a private practice. If you do a Google search, you may find what you are looking for. more than 3 years ago

Private Practice

Thanks for the article. There seems to be little support on helping in this transition. What is the best way to have a business number without having to get a landline phone? and so it is confidential and safe for clients??

Michele Wilbur more than 6 years ago

Starting a Practice

Good practical advice that's relatively inexpensive and something everyone can do. Thanks.

Tru Evans more than 6 years ago

thank you

I appreciate this article! It had some ideas that I had not thought of before. I am in the process of building a practice now and things are slow going. Thank you so much!

Candace Sam more than 6 years ago

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