Treating New Social Worker Anxiety Syndrome (NSWAS)

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New Social Work Anxiety Syndrome

New Social Work Anxiety Syndrome?? Any Social Worker out there,with a degree, would laugh at this. What nonsense. Like its an ACTUAL illness. LOL LMAO. Put in the DSM. HAHAHA

hunterjuly more than 5 years ago

No, not a diagnosis

Framing this article in the form of a diagnosis was meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek. Of course NSWAS is not an actual diagnosis. The anxieties that the authors discuss are real anxieties, and the point is that such feelings are often experienced when transitioning from student to professional. Students/new grads can benefit from knowing they are not alone in these feelings and knowing some specific ways to prepare for them. more than 5 years ago

so true

this type of article is very helpful, thank you!

andrea more than 4 years ago

Social Work Education is a Farce

This article just goes to show us that schools of social work are trapped in Western Psychology and Psychiatry. They generally don't teach integrative or holistic health engagement, assessment skills that examine the whole being physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually with the client determining their activities, goals and plans for recovery, restoration and resilience. Using and applying the DSM to label the client with a "Psychic Tattoo" for their image ego to adopt while endangering their lives with cocktails of pharmaceuticals endangering their lives is not the answer or solution. Also, why so fearful about the use of safe, skillful and nourishing touch to support, encourage, and demonstrate loving-kindness and caring. See Dr. Zur's website on the "Myth of Touch" and mine that discloses Psychiatry as our "Hidden Enemy" for humanity. Frankly, most professional schools aren't practicing social work, they are engaged with the enemy of humanity, labeling and drugging our children, youth and families to death and despair. See the real story: and

gerald vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT more than 8 years ago

In reply to "Social Work Education is a Farce"

Gerard Vest,

Firstly, I take offence to the outrageous title of your post. Secondly, denoting a profession a "farce", suggesting Social Work is in some way in bed with the American Psychiatric Association is as misinformed, as it is absurd.

Clearly, you are uninformed of the political dimensions of social work practice, instead unleashing a diatribe which from the perspective of a practitioner can only be described as nonsensical.

In what way, does this article "goes to show us", that Social Work adheres to a western biomedical paradigm ? Extrapolate on this statement please ?

Provide examples of practitioners who do not provide a "holistic" approach to client intervention?

In answer to "Why so fearful of touching" clients. A consequence of State Law and Litigation. Countless practitioners of all helping profession have been subjected to costly litigation arising from clients who have been "touched" "hugged". Again, your ignorance of the matter is only overshadowed by your arrogance.

Furthermore, "ego image" ? I will deduce from the tone of your message connotes an absence of spirituality within the Social Work profession. Again, this is simply incorrect.

When you say "ego Image" - one has no idea whether you are speaking of, ego informed by a Freudian Psychodynamic framework, or Self-Image, or Self Concept, or Selfhood, or ego dystonic disorders. In addition to a myriad of other frameworks for which such a descriptor applies to none.

As for recognition of a clients ontological persuasion- weather existential realism or monistic idealism. Kantian or Aristotelian/ Post Aristotelian, concerns I believe you are denoting under the umbrella term "spirituality". I conclude you refer to an individual's subjective experience of being and reality. This is a secondary observation which will emerge organically throughout a therapeutic alliance, or will be locatable deductively through information privileged or through application of an astute biopsychosocial assessment.

My practice framework is informed by tenants and values of critical postmodernism. Promoting social change, emancipation, empowerment, advocating for Human Rights outlined within the United Nations Human Rights Charter- In addition to the key values stipulated by The International Federation Of Social Workers.

If you believe, for a moment, that Social Workers, postulate the values of the modernity, are agents of the State apparatus or adhere to philosophical rationalism and practice of Reason birthed of the Enlightenment, you are grossly misinformed.

Arrogantly citing personally held biases and speculative nonsense, and draw conclusions about a profession for which you are entirely unaware, amounts to what can only be described as a blind prejudice.

D. Kelly. more than 8 years ago

Missed the Point

View the Hidden Enemy Documentary and you will see that psychiatry and psychology are endangering humanity by supporting the Labeling and Drugging of our Clients....infants, children, youth and families....mental hospitals, mental health, nursing homes are drugging them to oblivion. Read the Research re: reducing the frontal lobe of the brain and creating numerous suicides (23 daily), most taking these psycho-meds. Also, our Profession took thousands of $'s from Big Pharma several years ago as a integrative and holistic health social workers we make a difference with natural health service for recovery, restoration and resilience. See documentation and bibliography introducing our health approach.

gerald vest more than 7 years ago

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