Workplace Safety for Social Workers: A Student's Analysis and Opinion

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Excellent article

Thank you for this insight. I believe this may also be a trigger for burnout and compassion fatigue. Agency cultures need to incorporate the expectations of self care and safety is a core value of self care. Very enlightening. Thank you!

Jennifer Bindernagel more than 6 years ago

Student Training for Social Worker Safety

Thank you for your article. There are some Departments of Social Work that do provide training and guidance to their students on safety. I am an author of a safety manual written specifically for social work students in a practicum experience. This resource is required for students and in addition, we integrate training on student safety into our curriculum. Although the training that students receive in agencies is usually far less than needs to be, we supplement that training with our own commitment to providing critical information to our students.

Molly Davis more than 8 years ago

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