Do You Need a Required Continuing Education Attitude Adjustment?

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Continuing Education

Hmmm. I guess I'm a kicker and screamer and see this as an effective way to achieve change for the people I provide a service for. I have to say that in UK, the many many hours of training we are obliged to take for our registration, mostly is repetitive and uninspiring. I'm not sure that much of it affects any change in my practice. Occasionally there is a rare gem and I leave with a renewed enthusiasm and a chance to do something different, but mostly I am suffocating rage at how much time, effort and money is wasted on it. So, I guess if there weren't so many hours to fill, there'd be fewer of those gems. That's about the only positive statement I can muster. I do it for the rewards of the job itself, and academic endeavour has a fraction of the worth of experience in my humble opinion. This is coming from someone who was ten years a student before finally buckling down to doing the real job!

Julie Shackson more than 9 years ago


Great article---Perhaps I am different. I really enjoy my continuing education. I look forward to meeting new people and the exchanging of ideas. Learning. But I am searching for a workshop on a weekend this summer. Somewhere pleasant and relaxing. Not a cruise to Alaska - yes I found that one. Smith College has one that really looks fantastic. I'm just not sure. Help please. I just cannot seem to find the right one. Please give me some hints because summer will be over soon. PS NOTHING ON LINE. This is about people.

L. Kay Sorrell, LMSW BCD more than 6 years ago

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