How I Passed the Licensing Exam: 10 Tips

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Hey there, could you please advice me an LMSW exam preparation book?

Looking forward to take exam within a year!

Ivy more than 4 years ago


Aswb msw exam -- I took the aswb master's exam on yesterday and failed by 4 points. I was extremely nervous! I used the entire time, and was not able to review the questions I flagged. I hid the clock because I thought it was going to be a distraction. The questions were tricky, and some of the them I had to read more than once. Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you.

Sharon L McGlon more than 5 years ago


You might find it beneficial to take a licensing exam prep course or to find a licensing tutor. We also have several articles on this website on licensing, under the Education and Credentials tab. more than 5 years ago


I would really appreciate some info on taking and preparing for the exam in Alabama. I'm not sure of any license prep courses in my area. I would also like to know of the best study guides. I look forward to checking out the podcasts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm one step closer to reaching my goals.

Misti Trudell more than 1 year ago

Aswb msw exam

I failed mine by 4 the first time and by 1 the second time. I think it's my anxiety.

Dez more than 5 years ago

human behavior

I need it

jurelyn tarrozs more than 5 years ago

Exam Prep

Thank you for this post. I just completed a prep course (this past weekend) and have anxiety to rival the a sky scraper! But I found the prep course, replica questions, and study guide helpful (all obtained through my graduate school).

Dana Trawick more than 5 years ago

License with just a Bachelors degree

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but do you have to have a Masters in order to be licensed? I am about to graduate with my Bachelors and want to take the exam relatively soon.

Angel Back more than 6 years ago

Bachelor's level licensing

The social work licensing laws and regulations vary from state to state. Some states do have bachelor's level social work licensing, and some do not. Please check with the social work licensing board in your state to find out whether your state licenses BSW-level social workers. more than 6 years ago

MSW hours

I have my MSW and I need the required hours for licensure. Does anyone know know of an Agency that would be willing to volunteer?

Wendy Anderson more than 7 years ago

NYC Social Work... getting started

Hello. I just moved back to New York City from Los Angeles and I'm going to be working with an organization called LIFT that helps connect folks struggling to get by navigate the safety net and connect with services to 'lift' themselves out of poverty. Although I've worked with the homeless and with 'at-risk' youth, this is a deeper commitment. I'm thinking that I might eventually want to pursue this as a career and Social Work might be a good way to go. Do you recommend an undergraduate program in New York City? I know you mention both Hunter College and NYU's programs. Affordability is definitely an issue as I still have debt from my time in performing arts school. Thank you for any recommendations. more than 7 years ago

LSW Exam

How can I sign up the receive the daily emails? Also, are there any good free study guides/practice exam questions?

Natasha more than 7 years ago


I don't have information on the daily e-mails mentioned in the article. You might try Googling the name mentioned. I don't know of any good free study guides. more than 7 years ago

Social Work

I need help in studying for my lincesure exam on the bachelor level.

Regina S. Burch more than 6 years ago

Bachelor Level

Basic study resources

Teavis Young more than 2 years ago


how does math contain in becoming a social worker

isabel more than 4 years ago

MSW full licensure testing

I am not able to pass test, I receive the same score give or take!

Dee more than 6 years ago

Study guide

I don't feel I need the review course, but would like a study guide. There are SO MANY out there.
Can anyone recommend one?

Melissa Sempowski more than 8 years ago


i didn't know which to use either, so when I started to prepare for the clinical exam I reached out to my undergrad senior seminar professor for a recommendation. He told me the best (and what he was now using to prepare students for either the BSW level exam in UT or grad school or both) was LEAP. You can find them at I bought the comprehensive study guide (that I will cherish forever) and their hardest online practice test. I think I took the clinical exam about 8 weeks after instarted studying and passed (with a really good score) ;).

Another tip I'd add is to take the written practice exam that's in the study guide book, but do it with a colleague or someone who is also studying for the exam. My supervisor at the time was awesome enough to let me use my weekly supervision hour for this. We'd do 15-20 questions at a time, read the questions out loud, privately record our answers, and then after however many questions we had time for, we'd compare answers. Any question that either of us got wrong or lacked confidence in, we processed using the rationale provided. This was awesome for two really important reasons: 1-It forced me to really think grouch and defend my answers AS A SOCIAL WORKER (my supervisor was a clinical psychologist) and 2-It made me really consider the rationales for the "right" answers. When I prepared for the masters exam in grad school, it was drilled into our heads in every seminar: your practice experience will it lead you to pass this test. Why? Real life practice is not so cut-and-dry as a little vignet and multiple choice options. There were several questions on the clinical exam that I knew exactly what I'd do in my practice- none of which were listed as answers to the question. And other questions I felt 2+ possible answers would be completely and legitimately correct in practice. Working through the practice exam with another professional forced me to think like a test-writer instead of a clinician. It was definitely the most helpful part of my preparation.

Holly more than 7 years ago

Website update!!

Here's the correct website for LEAP:

Rashida more than 7 years ago

Licensing exam

This was the best article, full of very sound advice and useful resources. I just passed my licensing exam today. I can not emphasize the importance of self-care while studying and learning to breath while you are sitting at that computer taking the exam. Thank y0u for sharing.

Chatiwa Manyepedza-Cotter more than 8 years ago


I took it fsil. Could not concentrate due to talking in exam. Anxiety was extremely High. I feel like I was cheated from my time. Neef help. I took it several times.

Me more than 8 years ago

LCSW exam

I was very anxious when taking the Clinical Social Work Exam so I spent a lot of time with a variety of study supplies. The first study materials I used were from the AATBS. I used the Exam Prep workbooks/workshops/and Testmaster. In the workshops they taught step by step strategies on answering potential exam questions however, the exam questions provided in the class were so unrealistic and the most difficult of questions so for me it was discouraging. I did use their workbooks somewhat but felt overwhelmed by the amount of study materials. I felt that it was comparative to reading the whole social work dictionary. The next material that I used was the "Social Work Licensing Examination Review" by Jewell Elizabeth Golden,LCSW. Jewell's materials include a lot of realistic questions that she has made up covering the areas of the exam. It was helpful. The next product was through they have a Bootcamp CD set with workbook that you can purchase online. I listened to the CD's and followed the workbook the study material was provided in a direct and crystal clear way. The strategies were straightforward and concise. I felt that the Bootcamp CD's were very helpful in guiding me to the areas that were the most important areas to study. I passed my test on 10/27/2014.

Joelyne Gold more than 8 years ago


I am planning to take the test again in a few weeks. I failed it a few months ago by one point! I'm using study material from AATBS. I'm thinking about ordering the information you mentioned in addition to what I have. Is that a good idea?

Carisa more than 8 years ago


We are in the same boat I have the Aatbs books and I feel it is helpful but I haven't taken the test yet. I'm located in dmv area I don't no where to start. The aatbs books have a lot of info the package I have comes with 5 books I have read two already I just wanna make sure that I'm not over loading myself and that I retain the info

Eboni more than 8 years ago

Licensing exam

Please read the question more than once..I read them three times and I did well the second time..waiting on my license now

Jerome L. more than 8 years ago

Licensing Exam

I took a course, which not only helped, but also lessened my anxiety. This aspect may help, but I believe that you know whether you study better with a partner or alone, and the choice about what to do during the time that you are not in class is important. (I, for ex., have poor concentration, get distracted easily, and chose to study solo. The instructor will possibly give her/his number, and you might even be able to call for any serious help). May G-d be with you and all of those trying to pass the exam. (Test have, incidentally always scared me0!

barbara arfe more than 9 years ago

Licensing Exam

What is the name of the course you took to lessen your anxiety? This sounds really helpful!!!

Julie more than 7 years ago

Lcsw exam

What course did u take to help u with test anxiety

Christian more than 6 years ago

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