Becoming a Social Work Leader

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Mentor Leaders

I love this piece. The value of a good mentor can never be asserted enough. Through social work school a lot of us who feel drawn to leadership to effect greater change need leadership mentors and counseling that can help us evolve and have concrete plans to act upon our instincts and hopes. While the Career Services at my school offers a lot of information on leadership programs elsewhere and micro workshops that boost personality development as a leader, it is a lack. To this end, I discovered resources at exterior professional institutions that pair mentees with mentors who embody their ideals and career path.

As a Social Work - Administration student it is particularly crucial to have the emotional intelligence and professional presence you mention. Both of them are crucial as we are new entrants in the field, some of us transitioning from different fields altogether. In such cases the need for both a mentor and a field supervisor as the article mentions is really precious and can make a huge difference to our confidence, self understanding and approach that can lead to better outcomes as we enter the field.

Shefali Samdaria more than 6 years ago

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