Is the Social Work Licensing Board for Me or Against Me?

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US Territories, Reciprocity and Customer Service

Thanks for taking your time to explain the role and responsibilities of the Board. In March 31, 2016 the Board granted my licence as a social worker. My toughest goal so far. Not because I failed the test several times. I earned my BA with a Major in Social Work from the University of Puerto Rico in 2000. I was very lucky that found a good job as a "rookie". Almost 15 years of practice and very afraid to fail I started the process of been licensed. I moved from PR in 2009 and a resident of Ohio since 2010. It was hard to understand the subject of not accepting Reciprocity. In PR I have a permanent license in social work, a certification in school social work and was AoD certified. With my years of practice, my profesional background and my faith in myself I felt in the line of fire. Can you imagine taking the LSW test, after 16 years of been graduated and on top, in another language. I was really scared. I worked in different mental health agencies as CPST worker here in Ohio and was always encouraged to go for the license. In October of 2015 I decided to get prepared for the process. It is harder for those living in US Territories. I took the test and passed it in my first attempt, with all the odds that previously mentioned. I was so happy. I gathered everything requested from the Board and sent it. Some documents were handy, some were hard to get, as my transcripts, that were sent from PR. One day, I decided to reach the Board since I was waiting for the license approval and the time was more than what I've been told. It was a surprise that no license was granted because I "failed" to send the transcript, according to the staff that informed me. I was very upset because I knew that it was received and even had an email with the acknowledgment. I called back and after a conversation and having handy evidence that the transcripts were received, the next day I was granted with the LSW.
Some processes need to be more "friendly" for candidates, as for my experience, of Out-Of-State programs. Because, even though, the Board is not there for backing us up, should be representative of all the values of the profession.
I am thankful that I spoke with Mr Simeon Frazer and he did not give up and went above and beyond to help me. My situation might be an isolated one, however the Board should take under consideration to work on implementation of new policies on this matter. Once again thanks!

Delimar more than 5 years ago

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