Comprehending the Social Work Licensing Exams: A Brief Intro

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How does one get in touch with Susan for help?

Kathryn LeBlanc more than 8 years ago

contacting Susan

Susan's e-mail address has been added to her bio above. It is more than 8 years ago


Like your information on passing and taking the licensure. Had had two unsuccessful attempts. First time for taking the exam was stronger in some areas than others in content. Any suggestions or what services are you providing to assist persons preparing for the exam? There is so many expensive test prep companies out there until it is unreal. It is overwhelming and exhausting. Based on your professional experience, please advise.

Gretchen Luvene more than 7 years ago

Lmsw exam

I am taking the lmsw exam for the second time and would be interested for this course

Melissa Gregory more than 1 year ago

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