I Have My Social Work Degree—Why Do I Have To Take an Exam To Get a License?

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Its all about greed! We have millions of people across our nation who are being neglected because we dont have enough Social Workers in the field. A test doesn't define competence. How about thr professionals (Nurses, doctors, social workers. etc....) who have a license an aren't professional or ethical but still deal with clients. How can Social Workers (unlicensed) continue to pay almost 300 hundred dollars to take a test thats not culturally bias? Its Pure Greed!!! When will you stop thinking about money and think about the people? I am a veteran who was dx with Generalizations Anxiety Disorder along with other things. However, I graduated from one of the top schools in the nation. Does this mean my degree means nothing. Shame on you ASWB!

Tracy Moss 2 days ago


Is there any credible evidence that licensing actually protects the public? If yes, perhaps the author could cite it.

Gary Holden 9 days ago


Hmmmm . . . 3 days later. No reply. Should we take that to mean that there is no credible evidence that licensing protects the public?

Gary Holden 6 days ago

Licensing protects the public

Thank you for the question. The purpose of professional regulation is to protect the public. Laws and regulations establish scope of practice and codes of conduct. Regulation also provides title protection so that consumers understand that a person identifying as a professional holds a license. Licensure is a system through which competent practitioners are identified and allowed to practice. Licensure is an indicator of competence, not a predictor of behavior. Once competence has been established, regulatory boards have a baseline for determining when a practitioner acts outside those guidelines, causing harm to the public. Regulation provides recourse to the consumer by providing an avenue for complaints to be investigated and licensees sanctioned, when appropriate. Sanctions can include removing the licenses of those who are found to be unfit to practice. Social work regulatory board websites publish disciplinary actions taken against licensees who have been found to have harmed the public.

ASWB 1 day ago

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