Test Anxiety and the Social Work Licensing Exam

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Test Anxiety

Thank you for posting this Linda May Grobman. I have missed the passing score by one or two points each time I have ever tried to retake the exam after letting my license lapse. I miss the passing score but one or two points usually because of test anxiety. Sad thing is I know the materials and could probably teach the materials however when the test anxiety takes over, everything shuts down for me. I have gotten sick during the exam and I have even drawing a blank to the many trick questions that I should know the answers to.

Patrick more than 3 years ago

test anxiety

I think that you should retake it. I missed by 10 points, which I was very happy (cried still that I didn't pass), but the 92 was a long way from where I was. I plan on retaking it and think that you should too.

Sharon Sumler more than 2 years ago

Many not passing the test

I paid a lot of money for school, and still owe. I passed in school. I have taken the test three times. Who is this test designed for?

Irma more than 7 years ago


I took the online ASWB test (passed it); practiced--incessantly--the ASWB LGSW exam on my phone for months while in school, which I obtained for $9.99 on Itunes. I also made flash cards using the items on the app that I got wrong. I passed the actual exam on 11/17/15, and graduated 12/18/15.

Angelique Ellis more than 6 years ago

What happen when you graduated long time, and want toapply for license?

I graduated about 16 years ago, never applied for a social work license, what should I do now?

FABIOLA ENDRES more than 7 years ago

You can still apply

Check the website of the social work licensing board in your state to find out the requirements. You will need to take and pass the licensure exam for whatever level you are applying for, plus meet all education, experience, supervision and any other requirements.

SocialWorker.com more than 7 years ago

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