Ethics Alive! Boundaries in a Small Community - Where Everybody Knows Your Name*

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Very Helpful

I'm so glad that this article was written! Managing dual relationships in metroplexes or larger cities can be super easy, and I always felt like the discussion of dual relationships left out smaller cities/communities. It was wonderful to read something that addresses it.

Albert more than 4 years ago

Very relevant topic

Thanks for talking about small town social work. I wrestle with these exact issues everyday, not as much online as in-person relationships in various different spheres around the community. For example, a client who happens to join my faith community. I attempted to sift through my feelings in my own social work blog-appreciate reading others' thoughts on the issue!

Mandy more than 4 years ago


Use wisdom instead of emotion. It often means putting someone else’s needs over your own. And you need the wisdom to figure out what your projecting onto the relationship to fill your own underlying and often childish needs. Never easy but very necessary if you truly want to be good at what you do.

Amy more than 4 years ago

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