Field Placement: What Students Need From Their Field Supervisors: A Student's Perspective

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Struggling MSW intern

Thank you so much for this article. It helped me to see that I am not the only one who has this struggle. Your tips and honesty both helped me to become my own advocate and use my voice. Ironically, that is what we do, we are supposed to be the voice for those that are never heard.

Danielle Frost more than 1 year ago

Advocating For Yourself

Good article, Thanks. I feel Advocating for yourself at work is Advocating for your clients. I burned myself out trying to make my agency happy. My review was good, but communication was down between the supervisor and I. My learning style was never asked and I fell into the supervisor is god role waiting for something more!

Irene more than 8 years ago


I came across this article because I am currently struggling in my SW placement and my placement supervisor.

Sara Guthrie more than 6 years ago

Advocation should be only for client and client's needs

Advocation and supervision is based on Practicum student's professional knowledge, training directly related to Social Work practice, discussed goals common to both academic and practice requirements and contractional agreement between all parties. You as a student must also realize the status of social work in General or Specific Practicum of the Social Worker Professional. Funding in State and Federal Agencies has been dramatically reduced, shortcuts are in place, clients are the victoms of ethnocentristic policies and public perceptions. You are their voice!

Tom Lewis, BSW, CEO, CFO, AGENCY FOUNDER more than 8 years ago

Advocating for yourself.

Thank you for sharing a different perspective on American Cultural norms i realtion to advocating for yourself and fulfillment the requirment of your practice placement. It is a fine line between, advocating for yourslef - which I think can be related to confidence and your use of initiative, and a teachable attitude which may be akin to subordinate attiuded that you have mentioned. Where do we draw the line. I think preparation for field experience should cover this questionable scenario. I have just begun my 1st internship. I am not sure what to expect from supervision. and this article provides a good opportunity for me to reflect my transition between the classroom and the intership setting, and consider, what I would do. Thank you for approaching this topic.

Des more than 9 years ago

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