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I see a lot of give and take in your story. Your expectations were very high and perhaps that could have set you up for failure. Instead, you listened to your clients and the knowledge of your supervisor to come up with a balanced approach going forward. Giving yourself credit for being human and faulty was a big step. Taking the best of the criticism your clients and your supervisor had and building on it instead of sustaining a personal grudge demonstrates your ability to be humble. Facing your fears is a very personal experience and you did it, so glad for you. Thanks for taking the time to write about all of this. I start my MSW program in the Fall of 2014.

Sam Console more than 9 years ago


As a MSW student now, finishing up my first practicum, I appreciate everything you have discussed here, I too have gone through this process of being my own "worse critic" and putting a lot of pressure on myself to be the best. I am working in hospice and never did I dream that I would get to know myself so much better throughout this process. Thanks for the great article, it makes me feel better knowing I am not the only student going through these feelings. You had some great ideas that I will try to implement with my own practice with clients.

Marilyn B more than 9 years ago

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