Whos, Whats, and Hows of Being a Successful Social Work Field Supervisor

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Field Supervision

I have first hand experience on this subject. I was enrolled in a BSW program. As mandated by the CSWE, there are two field work practicum's the student must take. My first field work experience went smoothly and overall was a very useful experience in my educational development. In between my first and second practicum, my field work supervisor retired. I was assigned a new one but this person was brand new and did not have the expertise to be effective in fieldwork placement. I lost two years and ultimately transferred out of the school. I did graduate but not with a BSW degree. Now I am in the process of researching MSW programs. Many schools offer an advanced track, which significantly reduces the time it would take to receive your MSW. However, I am not eligible to do this because I don't have my BSW. Instead of it taking a year or year in a half to get the MSW, it will take me three years and I will have to take a lot of classes I already took. As a student, their are certain responsibilities you must meet in order to be successful, studying for tests, research papers, handing in assignments at the appropriate time, and committing yourself to school. But, what isn't mentioned enough is the responsibilities of the schools to hire staff that are well qualified and have experience to do their job most effectively. I didn't decide to go back to school because it's fun. I went back to improve my life professionally. The degree I wound up with, failed to get the job done and I am in no better position now than I was before going to school. The schools have to recognize, that this is not some sort of game, we are dealing with peoples lives and should be held accountable for the quality of their programs.

Dave more than 9 years ago

My two supervisor

My experience with my practicum missed up all the hard work that I did it to graduate from the BSW program.I have two supervisors during my practicum,one of them are more professional and I built a secure base helping relationship with her while another one ignored me all the time because she didn't have time for me. She built her evaluation on a false information from one staff that she want to kick me out of this organization.They call my school and they agreed that during the group work that I facilitated I support only my ethnocultural community.Since the group work is offer for those who speak Arabic what wrong with that if the majority of the participant speak Arabic.Is this a good way to evaluate my whole practicum and stop me from the school of social work because of that.I lost one year to prove my point for no body want to listen to me.I was treated unfairly .There are oppression with in organization my teacher always asked us to be a ware but I recognized later what we had learn just ink in paper.I struggled for one year to accept the situation with the support of my husband.I taste how it look like when some one oppressed you and didn't want to listen to you because you are different.

Maha more than 9 years ago

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