Music and Social Work: The Connection

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Music and social work

Hey Linda, thank you a lot for this article. I am currently studying my bachelor's in social work in third semester and I also think there is a deep connection between social work and music, for health benefits and for helping the community in general. I think the role of music is sometimes a bit unclear in social work but I feel like at least for me it has become an important subject in my life as vI play piano since I am fourteen and produce music in my freetime. In the future I would like to work with youth and young adults to help them in their specific situation in music making programs by helping them to express themselves and find meaning in their daily struggles. At least that's what I am hoping to do in my future.

Have a good day.

Greetings, Lukas

Lukas Gruber more than 1 year ago

Music and healing...

I enjoyed this lovely reflection, Linda! I too play the flute! I have found that my training as a percussionist in West African rhythms and world music provides a great deal of healing through music. In Black communities, I remind clients and communities, that at one time the playing of drums was outlawed for persons of African heritage in the US just as reading once was. Reclaiming our heritage and combining this with community building through music and cultural arts has been quite gratifying. Moreover, the health benefits: lowered blood pressure, diminished stress symptoms and the increased sense of well being that comes from soaking up the rhythms- are quite positive indeed. As a creative macro practitioner, I know we must step out of the traditional box to impact the lives and communities we touch. Thanks for sharing.

Sunya Folayan more than 7 years ago

Thank you!

Sunya, thanks for your comment. How interesting that you also play the flute, and the drums! I am really interested in your use of drumming in community building, too.
Linda more than 7 years ago

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