Rewards & Challenges in Dialysis Social Work

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New Nephrology Social Worker Here!

Thank you so much for providing such in-depth detail regarding your work as a nephrology social worker. I am just beginning a position in dialysis, so it is really helpful for me to read about experiences that others have had in the field. I've worked in medical social work prior to this (pediatric liver transplant and post-acute rehab), however as you stated, it appears that dialysis is particularly unique. I'm excited to dive in and begin this new chapter of my career! I have much to learn, and although the learning curve may be challenging initially, I am hopeful that I will find nephrology social work to be as rewarding as you've described above. May I ask if there is anything specifically you did in order to prepare for your role? I have been trying to of course gain knowledge regarding kidney disease and dialysis, however I am also interested in literature/materials as it relates specifically to the social work role. Thank you again for sharing your insights and experiences.

Idolina Sutton, MSW, LLMSW, CAPSW more than 7 years ago

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