Because I Wanted To Help People

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I chose social work beacuse...

I chose social work because....
I literally went down the list of majors at my school. tired them all out. form sociology to dance to English to in interdisciplinary major nothing seemed to fit me or get me.
And then I discovered social work. my gut feeling told me this is it.
So i pack my bags moved away from home. and just made the leap.
Attended a new school, new environment, new everything.
And I cried many times since. tears of joy. this is eXactly where I am suppose to be. #twu #socialWork #pioneerwoman #grateful

Connie more than 8 years ago


Hi Connie! Congratulations on finding social work. It's been a very rewarding field for me, and there are so many different opportunities. I hope this continues to be a positive life direction for you!

Addison Cooper more than 8 years ago

coming out of your comfort zone!

your story is awesome!

Antonio more than 8 years ago

Thanks :)

Thanks, Antonio! Glad you're in the field!

Addison Cooper more than 8 years ago

sounds really familiar!

you've told my whole life in a brief paragraph!

Anntonio more than 8 years ago

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