Why I Want To Be a Social Worker

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Why I Want To Be a Social Worker

Beautiful story. I can relate to your story in many ways. I too turned away from social work many times only to be directed back to the field. That is when I finally decided to become a social worker. I have one more semester left to complete my Bachelor's degree, and then on to get my Master's degree. One thing I have observed thus far is that our past experiences should help make us better social workers. However, the educator's in this field seem to think it taints us as social workers. I can understand we need to continuously self evaluate in order to make sure this does not happen, but I think that by these experiences will help us as social workers understand our client's better. What is your opinion on this? Thank you for sharing!

Denise more than 7 years ago

Why I Want To Be a Social Worker Too

I voraciously read this, as I could see myself in this story so clearly and share the feeling you have for social work and for the world. I am also a student working on my BSW and hoping to go on and attain an MSW. Sometimes it does seem like educators are trying to dissuade those who have been hurt, however, I do not think they do so because they want to oppress us. Quite the opposite, I feel as if my professors know how tough it can be in the social work field and that the self-care required of all social workers will be especially important to those like us. There are some issues that are triggering to me, but I know what they are and I know what to do to take care of myself. I appreciate the professors who remind me to take care of myself and tell me that I can do this. I hope you take this away with you. I do feel as if I have something special to offer and have skills that I have developed in response to my abuse that will make me a better social worker. I feel that anyone that has had the resiliency to survive and thrive also has that something special as well. Good luck in your future career! Thank you so much for sharing your stories!!

Marion more than 7 years ago

Say yes to SW!

Hi Marion, I hope that since you posted this last year, you have found what you love to do as well as taken care of yourself. Please feel free to connect with more people in the social work field and they will all tell you that taking care of self should be first although that line is crossed so many times... It is the skills and talents we possess that make us great social workers and it is better not to forget that! Best of luck!

D'atra Franklin more than 6 years ago


First, I am sorry that I did not see your comment a year ago :( however, to answer your question I most certainly believe that personal experiences molded me to be the social worker I am today. Although I can agree that personal experiences can also taint us because remember all the ethics we learn about not crossing boundaries etc. Those experiences can affect the work we do but it is ultimately up to us if we let it and that is what makes you a great social worker. By using your experiences to solve real world problems but also not using your experiences to keep those boundaries in tact. I hope that helps and again, sorry for a year late response....

D'atra Franklin more than 6 years ago

Come thru D'atra!!

I'm in the process to start blogging about different experiences related both professional and personal. I wanted to focus on why individuals chose the social work path b/c I hear more negative than positive about the profession. I have came across more reasons why to change a career from SW, rather than why to stay with it. I was so glad to come across this article you wrote. I was like wow!!!! You have overcome so much and turn around to uplift and provide the youth with tools to persevere is beautiful to read. I have been a social worker for a little over 8 years and it is such a great feeling to see other social workers speaking in a positive light about the profession!! Keep blessing those you help D'atra!

DK more than 5 years ago

Coming Thru!

Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! How is that blog coming?

D'atra Franklin 264 days ago

Past experience makes us better

I agree, our bad experience's will help us understand those we are helping in a deeper way. I don't think it hurts us, but can make us better social workers. IWhen things happened to me I was not sure if I should tell anyone because I didn't know how to process what happened. That's why we need more social workers to help those who are suffering in silence.

Chris more than 5 years ago

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