Beyond “Fixing” It: Finding Strength in Your Limits as a Social Worker

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Soooo wonderful. God bless you ❤

Aripa Alonto 187 days ago

Good. And fine

It was really good by sharing the experiences. It would motivate the growing social works to up hold the values of experience.

Sebastian. A 212 days ago

this is good

Found courage on reading this article

Thembakazi Samantha kalipa more than 1 year ago

Beyond “Fixing” It: Finding Strength in Your Limits as a Social Worker

I have lived in the West End of Louisville, KY for many years. I see the crime, abandoned homes, litter, children playing unsupervised and I wonder, what can I do to impact this neighborhood-my neighborhood. I also see that my neighbors and community are people, people with lives to live, with trauma in their past and present, and with few solutions in their future. I envision what the neighborhood could look like, tree lined streets, people walking in the park without fear, people taking pride in caring for their property, nearby businesses to visit. However, it will take more than one social worker, city council person, mayor, or concerned citizen for us to get there. I remind myself at the end of every work day that I can only do so much. I remind myself that I cannot fix my clients problems. I have to realize that functioning in my role as a social work professional and as a concerned citizen is enough. and when I can advocate for more services or programs, I try to do just that. We have to be at peace with the efforts we make each day.

Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW more than 1 year ago

Every Social Worker Should Read This

For the new or seasoned social worker, this article is a very insightful reminder of why we are in this profession and the value of boundaries with our clients. I plan to make a copy of this article for a supervision session. If we reframe our limitations and focus on our client strengths the way you so beautifully did in your article, we will truly empower our clients while energizing ourselves ...

Donna Tessitore more than 1 year ago


Donna- glad you found the piece useful and can use in the work you do.

Mandy Gawf more than 1 year ago

Awesome testimony

Loved this

Blaine Kalb more than 1 year ago

Hidden strengths

Thank you for sharing your perspective on hidden strengths amidst visible urban deterioration. Helpful and supportive perspective for my work.

John Lafferty, LGSW more than 1 year ago


Thanks John- appreciate the comment! Would love to hear more about the work you do! You can connect with me through my blog contact page at

Mandy Gawf more than 1 year ago


Thank you for sharing your experience and what you learned about yourself through your work with S. Your insight to your triggers and ability to turn a perceived limit into a strength will serve you well throughout your career. Keep up the good work!

Christine more than 1 year ago

Voting Is Social Work

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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