A Call to Social Workers To Act Against Racism and White Supremacy Now

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SW being racist to fellow SW

Unfortunately I’m surviving and in treatment for being mistreated and looked over by higher up SW at the county hospital in Phoenix. Thank God I have a strong case should I proceed with a lawsuit. I would have never thought we would treat our own this way.

Cornelia Nelson more than 2 years ago

To all social workers

and so what are we doing? how are we showing up? please share resources where do we share our ideas? like Dr. Detlaff says join us... where? lets be concrete

Natalia Estrada more than 2 years ago

I’m with you!

Thank you for this powerful statement. I’m with you. What’s next?

Dawn more than 2 years ago


Thank you for this clear, passionate, and straightforward statement. Social work has much to contribute to the struggle for racial justice and against all forms of oppression.

Betty J Ruth more than 2 years ago

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