Connection – The Key to Healing and Resilience

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Being away from home in a foreign land has driven home to me how crucial and vital connections are. Your article drives home almost all the points I hypothesized about. Away from home, my awareness and sense of identification with my family, ancestors, culture and traditions suddenly escalated and became more intense and more ritualistic. I sought out members of my community at my university and in the borough to have conversations that could ground me and resonate with my roots. I initially felt ashamed and thought I was not being an ideal immigrant, not assimilating, not being liberal by having these desires. You have explained this need so wonderfully that I am free of this dilemma. I now know that these connections help me connect to those who I may not share my roots with but can collaborate with on common passions and interests for a more balanced worldview and resilience!

Shefali Samdaria more than 6 years ago

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