Disenfranchised Grief: When Grief and Grievers Are Unrecognized

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Adoption loss

I know you could not include every unrecognized loss, but, because you brought up the loss of the prospective adoptive parents, it highlights for me one of the most unrecognized losses of all and that is the loss experienced by those separated by adoption. The families who lose a child and the child who loses a family face a multifaceted loss that lasts a lifetime and even into future generations. Recognition of this loss is a threat to a powerful adoption industry in which the social work profession has a long and vested interest and so it is intentionally unrecognized and dimished.

Kimlee Butterfield 80 days ago

Excellent Point

Thank you Kimlee. This is excellent example of a disenfranchised, unrecognized loss. Thank you for your input. These losses should be recognized and acknowledged.

Lisa S Zoll 63 days ago

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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