Finding Families for Children - Not Children for Families: Social Workers and Adoption

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Ok - so it is impossible to reunite a child with their birth family, then why continue to mess up the child in foster care? Over and over this is what happens and we get from the County that is "for the child". Where is the middle?

Andrea U more than 6 years ago

Adoption Social Worker

I'm interested in working as an Adoption Social Worker, because I want to adoptive parents adopt a child, and create a family of their own. It's something that I would like to pursue someday.

LaTrice more than 7 years ago


That's not the role an adoption social worker should play. The primary client of every adoption is the child. The role of adoption workers is to secure what's best for the child, not help people find babies or to convince expectant parents to place so that other people can adopt. Although the list of people waiting to adopt growa larger everyday, adoption is not there to help them or make that list shorter. Adoption is there so that list may help children, only if and when it's needed. All clients and parents in the adoption constellation must come together for the child--not their own needs.

Amanda more than 7 years ago

adoption in developing Country

There is a big challenge to social workers in developing countries, as the profession is seen as new Career, politicians do not recognize the role of social workers in domestic infant adoption, international adoption, and adoption from foster care. The duties are assigned to sociologists and psychologists. Social workers are not recognize for sure. Thank you for this interesting article

Gonis more than 8 years ago

Adoption - any longterm Research info?

In the UK I am unaware of any long-term / longitudinal studies into the effectiveness of adoption. Social Workers seem to accept that it is largely positive but perhaps too uncritically so.

With the increased ease of adoptees being able to use social media to trace birth families (and vice versa) I just wonder whether it is not time for a radical re-think - or, at least, a far more evidence-based approach to adoption.

Philip J Measures more than 8 years ago

How about talking about the role of social workers in keeping families together?

In helping that 15 year old to parent? In encouraging her family to step up and support her in keeping her child. And let's discuss how so many international adoption programs actually create orphans by encouraging relinquishment because of the huge money that can be made by having wealthy westerners coming in to adopt in poverty stricken countries. As social workers out true calling should be to help repair those places, those communities, so they can keep their children, not to swoop in and take their biggest commodity and leave them bereft and just as poor and impoverished.

Melissa Griebel more than 8 years ago

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