A Front Line Social Worker‘s Perspective on COVID-19

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A Front Line Social Worker‘s Perspective on COVID-1

I don't see a date on this article, but am assuming it is late April 2020. I have read similar reports from other social workers on the front lines, and from nurses and healthcare workers, too. The social worker in this article is in Pennsylvania. But, from all accounts the Pennsylvania government plans to open up recreational spots tomorrow, May 1st. This is concerning to say the least. I laud all the efforts of my brother and sister social workers in the face of this pandemic! Words cannot describe the thankfulness most of us have for everyone fighting the fight on the front lines!

Tracy more than 1 year ago

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Hi, Tracy. Thank you for your comment. This article was published on April 30,2020 (today).

SocialWorker.com more than 1 year ago

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