Social Workers Are Essential Workers

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NASW as Advocate in the Covid-19 Era

Thank you for publishing this exceptional article. In so doing, NASW acknowledges the existence of "less than" attitudes toward social workers and is provided with an opportunity to do something about it. NASW is well positioned to advocate with state and federal authorities on behalf of frontline social workers in these extraordinary times. Please address NASW activities currently ongoing to ameliorate the discrepancies between health care professions. In addition, please grasp this marvelous opportunity to develop and present CE courses relevant to this topic.

Susan J. Caccappolo, MSSW, LCSW more than 2 years ago


Hi, Susan. Thank you for reading and responding to this article. I want to clarify that this is not an NASW site/publication. Having said that, NASW is doing advocacy regarding hazard pay for social workers as essential workers during the pandemic and other issues. You can find more information on NASW's advocacy during COVID-19 at more than 2 years ago

Thank your for being our voice

I’m lucky to have a job in times like these and I know that. But like yourself...I daily feel like I have to explain and justify my role as a palliative care LCSW. I am holding those hands, making those last phone calls, and making sure last wishes are honored. Unfortunately my role is still misunderstood by those outside of palliative care, not to mention those within the larger community. But the privilege to care for these people and their loved ones makes up for the risks and the misunderstandings. I will keep doing what I am doing so they won’t die alone, so their families remain informed and no one feels forgotten. I will keep doing my job because I am proud to be part of a community of social workers who will go where there is need and stand with those who can’t. Thank you for speaking up for all of us and reminding the greater community that we are essential, brave, compassionate and hard working caregivers!

Jennifer more than 2 years ago

Stand up

We need a strong NASW which speak with a united voice. Where are our leaders, our fighters? Oh! I know! In one room of the APA building in Washington DC. It is so sad, considering what we put into the profession. Yes, I am speaking truth to power!

Manuela Mage more than 2 years ago


Regarding NASW structure, the leaders of NASW are social workers from throughout the U.S. The national office/staff is in Washington, DC. Chapter offices/staff are located in each state. more than 2 years ago

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