New Social Workers and Practice Data: Publishing Your Program Evaluation Findings

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Publishing Research

I graduated from my MSW program in 2015. As a graduate student and post graduate, I have been able to publish many articles via social work blogs. I was also privileged to publish a chapter in a book about self-care. However, when I submitted my culminating project to an established, peer-reviewed social work journal, I was not successful. Even after several revisions. In my experience with submitting articles, more prominant venues want submissions from those with LCSWs or PhDs. I suppose I will have to wait until I enter a doctoral program to have the opportunity to publish a peer-reviewed article.
Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW

Tiffany M Thompson more than 4 years ago

Response to Tiffany

Tiffany- If you don't mind me asking, what social work blogs did you have success publishing in?

Bri more than 4 years ago

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