Toxic Masculinity Is a Macro Social Work Issue

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I think addressing it and men though in a way that doesn't acknowledge men as social victims subjects to cause and effect of social sanctions gets us nowhere. Some of the most bitter misogynistic men if you really listen are the most hurt and upset by feminist issues that affect them with no framework or meaningful way to address these realities. Women for the most part are pretty oblivious to the social realities of men and often enforce these systems that in essence create this toxic masculinity as a side effect. It kills me to see yet another article broaching the issue of effect neglecting the cause. Its coping with double roles and double standards, with the much social progress brought on through feminism men still are commonly expected to to be responsible and hold the role of care taker of the family because women were denied the role. Women may be judged by their attractiveness, but a mans measure is by that and by assets. Its socially normal to weigh a man by the stuff he can provide his status or situational advantage before hes even seen as a person. This evil patriarchy narrative puts pressure and hurts men the most who barley cope, every time Iv seen it broached in a meaningful way women are often the harshest enforcers of the "Real Man" archetype and expectations. My ex ran away with my son, it was literally criminal I took no action because I understood a lot of what was happening around her, no one raised an eye brow. But if I took her actions I would have been instantly made out to be a monster, while she a possible victim on the privileged on reasonable doubt, because sociality dictates that men are the monsters and women are not. Every guy relates yet women dont realize who on guard we are constantly, women have to prove their competence, but men have to constantly prove their intentions that we are not creeps or the monsters everyone is so ready and willing to see, the ones you ironically reinforce in a way here. My point is that its a cause and effect, people cope and maybe its time to acknowledge the harsh world men live in because doing that will create this change we all need.

Mike Pesmenski more than 5 years ago

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