Preventing Retraumatization: A Macro Social Work Approach to Trauma-Informed Practices & Policies

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Black lives matter does significantly more harm than good. It promotes bullying (reference Bernie Sanders political speech), shuts down and burns neighborhoods that could promote the well being of the black race with black owned businesses, and do not take into account the people they protest against (police officers) are themselves black. So what is the solution?! Intimidation, eradication, and more institutionalized slavery through entitlement programs??

baglady more than 6 years ago

Systemic Violence

to speak of and judge the black lives matter movement as a unified movement is to say you probably don't really understand the movement. And to speak of it without referencing the systemic violence that this movement is responding to is equally perturbing. If we used your logic, we could also say that the police who regularly beat and kill people of color with impunity are promoting bullying (which might be more accurate). Historically, people of color and especially black people are demonized and labeled as "violent" for responding loudly to the systemic violence they are forced to experience on a daily basis- not trying to chastise, just wanting to point out that you may be viewing this whole issue with an implicit bias against black people that is not helpful and needs to be examined. #blacklivesmatter now and always, its time non-black people start taking this to heart.

blacklivesstillmatter more than 6 years ago


Enjoyed your article UP UNTIL referencing #BLACKLIVESMATTER. There are A MYRIAD OF EXAMPLES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN USED. HOWEVER, you decided on one that DOES SIGNIFICANTLY MORE GOOD THAN "bad"! SHAME ON YOU! I will not continue to READ #newsocialworker

Renee more than 6 years ago

Thank you for your feedback!

I agree - #BlackLivesMatter does significantly good work!

Karen Zgoda more than 6 years ago

Prevention of Trauma

Had Sandy Hook' gun control policies not made the school a soft target, and security measures been in place, the tragedy most likely would have not happened or been drastically minimized. Your magic imagination of a "no guns" sign keeping children safe against severely mentally ill people who are at risk, or terrorists is delusional. Had the school had at least one armed guard and an active security system at the entrance, most or all of those children and teachers would be alive today. We have to be responsible for our own lives and safety. Such was the origin of the Bill of Rights, written by people who experienced atrocity. I once thought like you, about abolishing guns. But years of experience and data which you refuse to acknowledge changed my mind. So have dozens of women who have been assaulted.

Mark B more than 6 years ago

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