Reverse Culture Shock: Did You Have Fun on Your Vacation?

A social work student returns from study abroad in El Salvador

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Living abroad

When I moved back from Bangladesh, I had such reverse culture shock. I could not even make decisions in the grocery store. Too many choices everywhere. Even driving my own car felt decadent.

Marie Ellinger more than 4 years ago

So true

Jessica, you are so right on! After my first trip to Africa I came back completely unprepared for how much my "old" culture would look different to me. You have put this into words - I hope others will read it and be more prepared, and know this is a common reaction!

Jessica more than 5 years ago

Thank You

Thank you so much for your kind words! I too hope other people will find resources speaking about reverse culture shock and better prepare themselves mentally and emotionally before traveling abroad.

Jessica more than 5 years ago

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