PERSPECTIVE: Are You a Social Worker Guilty of Performative Allyship for Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter, Cultural Appropriation, and What Social Workers Can Do About Anti-Black Racism in Their Inner Circles

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Excellent article

African people have you observed when we focus on the black agenda and create solutions that improve black lives systemically. You always have white commentators always reminding us to ensure you also include and discuss issues around Spanish, LGBT etc. I encourage us to continue focus on the black agenda and solutions for black people before taking on everyone else issues. What is the saying? Let’s take care and clean our houses first before moving into, discussing or resolving other people outside our home.

MW more than 2 years ago

Much needed converstations

I am a behavioral health manager at a large HMO and working on integrating anti-racism work into our clinical work. There is no disagreement about the need for it however the behaviors do not always follow the good intentions thus harming our BIPOC staff. If you have suggestions for creating "clinicians' bill of rights in confronting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc in psychotherapy" I would appreciate it. Thank you again for your work and wishing both of continued success. more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

I so appreciate this information and the thoughts of this piece. Thank you for highlighting some of the important work that white women, like me, need to do. Please keep sharing, I am listening!

Anne more than 2 years ago

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