Social Workers: Allies for Justice?

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little help needed

I couldn't agree more with the words written in here. However, i cannot help to struggle with "ok then what". all in here is true and yes social workers should be able to do "more" but how? work on my self, ok, then what, make white people uncomfortable? talk race? create alliances? i honestly do not know. I feel like telling me that because i am a social worker i can make change is a lot of pressure, i need a hand, i would appreciate any guidance where do i start and not as individual but as a Social Worker besides of my day to day work what else can I do? This is a question that rumbles in my mind often and i see students coming out of their programs in to practice with all this eager intention to create change but I honestly do not see how can we support that change from our field when we are so limited and conditioned within the oppressive capitalistic system of this country.

Natalia Estrada more than 2 years ago

How to invoke change

Things to actually do: Have conversations with colloquies, friends, and family. Workplace ethics training on things like identifying your biases and icebergs. Write to your representatives about changing things at a local, state, and federal levels. I can't say what to write about, you need to identify what socio-economic changes need addressing in your environment. Look at some stats of white-to-minority social workers, vulnerable population inequities etc. So there are a few actionable items for you to start with. Hope this helps.

Tammy more than 1 year ago

Social Work Allies

Thank you Dr Cherry for this powerful message about our professions ethics and the guidance and path they afford us for responding to racial inequity, injustice and trauma. Our profession is well positioned to shape and contribute to anti-racist efforts, when we embrace our ethics and act consistent with our aspirations.

Jon Swanson more than 2 years ago

Social work support

I'm m so much grateful to hear these information, is well communicated. I am a social worker from Kenya and I think is time for advocate for vulnerable people; to speak about social justice. I'll pass this to my follow social workers (Kenya national association of social workers).

Assumpta Mueni more than 2 years ago

Social Work

Great read. Thank you so much for this timely message.

Charles G. Muhammad more than 2 years ago

Social Workers; Allies for justice.

Well done, thank you!

Thomas Durante more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

This is a well needed communication to remind us all of what we're here to do as social workers. Striving for diversity, inclusion, & equity (not simply using them as buzzwords) is already built into our foundation. In the words of Rihanna, "Pull up." We can do this.

Makieya Kamara more than 2 years ago

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