The Intersection of Autoimmune Disease and Social Work: An Effective Partnership for Health

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I’m happy to see Social Work acknowledging the effects of autoimmune diseases as a whole. I’m surprised to see that Hashimoto’s wasn’t on the top offenders list. Thyroid disorders create much distress on the person and their family.

Kelly 276 days ago

Autoimmune disease/Primary immune deficiency

Great article! Thank you for bringing this to light. I have an immune issues and as a social worker it helps me understand and empathize with people on my caseload.

Sheree Lobdell 353 days ago

Autoimmune and social work

Hi Sheree, thanks for reading the article. I am happy you can use it to help your clients. My health and my ability to help my clients has dramatically improved with this knowledge.

Casey Hersch 341 days ago

Voting Is Social Work

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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