Will I Have a Social Work Legacy?

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Thank you for this!

It was with great interest that I read your article as I have been contemplating the very same thing having now worked as a social worker/clinical supervisor for 44 years! I also often think of the people in my life who probably had no idea how a simple work or gesture made a profound difference to me in my life. I like to tell new staff that I believe that in doing the best we can, we may be planting seeds that may only come to light long after we are out of our clients' lives.

Pauline Solari PSW 1 day ago

2nd Acts

Linda sharing a new special report called 2 nd Acts stories from 20 nurses who shared their legacy

Anne Llewellyn 66 days ago


Thank you, foremost, for your heart. The heart that called you to social work. The heart that serves hundreds of families and kiddos and, while maybe not as memorable as Barack Obama or Melissa Etheridge, the heart that makes an impact though others.
I am still a BSW student, but I often think about the mark I will leave on society. I will begin my social work career in child welfare this August and I am utterly terrified. As a brand new social worker, I will have such big shoes to fill and such an important work to do. How will I be remembered by those families and children?

Corrina Holmes 67 days ago

Absolutely love this!

I am going to share this with my mother....I am a 30-year social worker and she started her social work career in 1960 and worked 45 years before retiring. Thank you for sharing - we all matter

Kathryn Dixon 67 days ago

Love the article!

Linda I appreciate this article so much... you have no idea...but then again you do. There are so many of us who feel this way. I have been in the social work field for over 25 years and I have felt this way so many times I've lost count of the times I don't feel this way. I always wanted to be that Social Worker who got publicly recognized or honored at a ceremony. But we must remember are just as important as those who get awards, public recognition and are in the headline news. We are the ones that touch people's lives day in and day out in one way or another. To me we are the stars in the sky that our clients see twinkling when sometimes they feel hopeless. This was truly a need to hear, read and see article.

Tracy Childs 69 days ago

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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