Real World Clinical Blog: On Social Work Supervision

Let’s talk about what makes supervision good and what makes supervision bad.

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A Fine Balance

Providing a well rounded supervisory experience is an art- weighing the clinical and personal needs of each intern can be a challenge and an hour can fly by. I have found creating an agenda with my interns at the beginning of each session, as I always want to ensure a rich experience. Any high risk clients, as well as a case consult layout and homework between sessions helps myself and my ASWs get a solid skill base that they can depend on throughout their careers when they finally become LCSWS!

karen kerschmann more than 1 year ago


One of the things I share with my students is to remember the common humanity ...the clients ...the students ...and mine. We are not experts or fonts of all knowledge ...and we will mess up. It's ok to mess up ...the skill lies in recovering the mess.

Margaret more than 4 years ago

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