Real World Clinical Blog: Social Work as Moral Compass

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Thank you

Thank you for this hopeful reflection--I agree, it's been a difficult year and at times it is hard to remember why we are doing the day to day work one person, one family at a time. Thank you for bringing it back to that connection, that human connection that really is the fabric of our society and of social work.

Rachel more than 6 years ago

Inspiring article

Thank you, Dr. Bodenheimer, for summarizing so many concepts I talk about with my interns and trainees, both in Social Work, as well as other professions within mental health.

You've effectively addressed the foundation of good psychotherapy, the importance of authentic connection with our clients, the need for establishing an emotional basis to create change in individuals.

Many of my colleagues in community work wonder why the "evidenced-based" techniques and tools they try don't lead to effective outcomes. I routinely say that without the trust and bond between therapist and client, the best researched "tools" will fall flat and seem forced and fake. The confused looks I occasionally get cause me to worry about what is being taught and promoted in the field now.

I'd like your permission to use this article for my clinical supervision group.

Andrew Pari more than 6 years ago

Of course!

I would be honored!

Danna Bodenheimer more than 6 years ago

Effects of face to face interventions

Wouldn't it be lovely if we were truly compensated for the therapeutic interaction. Insurance companies and public third parties have long given a clear message that they are not interested in honoring these claims and seek to avoid paying them. Agencies are discouraging licensed providers from performing therapy services and instead insist on requiring case management services of these personnel in the desperate pursuit of third-party compensation. The result is a number of prematurely diseased providers. It would be more helpful for these agencies to bandit gather and take legal action against the centers for Medicare and Medicaid policy in order that we may be able to perform our tasks in a matter that is possible.

Gregory Rodick, retired LCSW more than 6 years ago

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