The Journey of (Marvelous) Mrs. Maisel: Social Work Reflections on Season 1

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season One

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I so welcome the invitation to write for The New Social Worker, and deeply appreciate your "likes" for this first review. I write now because I would like to discuss something with you that the review does not mention. As social workers we surely know that if the meek ever inherited the world, they would not have it for very long. And Midge is surely not meek. But there were scenes that, though splendidly and charmingly acted, gave me pause, and led to a question my comment will conclude with. Midge marched into the butcher shop to order, interrupting a woman ordering and a long line. Later, as part of her act, she ridiculed an established comedienne, which was an important part of the plot and her road to establishing her own voice -- her own truth. So here is what I would like to discuss: To move forward, to become recognized for your contributions, is this kind of hubris necessary? Or put differently, do competition and entitlement go hand in hand? Or, how does one compete successfully while still showing respect to others?
Thanks again; do respond when you can; and To Be Continued,

SaraKay Smullens more than 5 years ago

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