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I really touched by this short movie and keen to know what happen to both siblings, Zoe and her brother.

olynnmail more than 6 years ago

Wish we had known sooner

This movie touched me deeply because my husband and I adopted two kids from the foster care system. Just like the black foster mom in Part I, we did not understand our children's behavior and so made decisions that actually added injury to our children's life rather than helped them heal. I know there is no way we could have understood; I just wish that there had been something like this video to give us a different vantage point from which to understand that whatever our children did was based in trauma they experienced before we got them. Yes, we "knew" in our heads that was the case, but when caught in the storm created by what came before us, we did not understand that in our hearts so didn't know how to "be love" in an effective, healing way for them. Thankfully, our kids are grown now and living independently and doing reasonably well for themselves. Nevertheless, I can't help wonder every day how their lives would be different now if we had understood sooner what this movie so profoundly and eloquently illustrates. Thank you to everyone who is a part of the creation of this movie. As it has become a catalyst for my own healing from unresolved regrets, I know it will be impactful for anyone who earnestly wants to understand why kids in foster care are so wounded and so desperately need foster/adoptive parents who have the capacity to stand in the fire with these kids and be love even when the kids they care for cannot respond in ways that mirror that love.

Mary Warren more than 7 years ago

re: Wish we had known sooner

Thanks so much for your beautiful comment, Mary. I am glad that you're finding healing, and that your kids are doing well!

Addison Cooper more than 7 years ago

Trauma Informed Care

I work in the mental health field, and this film was shown as an educational tool for Trauma Informed Care. Everyone has a story, and to understand that story is to better serve clients in this population. I have not seen part 2 but plan to do so immediately, as this is a wonderful film! I just wanted you to know that this tool has touched lives outside of those considering adoption. This film can be used in a variety of educational settings! Great job!

Brittney Miller more than 7 years ago

I've been impacted

As a foster mom entering my third year I can tell you that Removed echoes what my children have experienced. There is something to be learned by everyone. Recently this was shown in a PRIDE orientation for new foster parents and there were few dry eyes in the house. Yes, some people decided they weren't up to the challenge of foster care. However, the majority of people who watched this were eager to be the catalyst for change. Removed Part 2 is going to change lives as well!

Alexis Edwards more than 7 years ago

re: I've been impacted

Hi Alexis - it really is powerful, isn't it! My agency uses ReMoved as the introduction to our child-focused clinical training, and it really does impact people. I'm so excited to see the sequel!

Addison Cooper more than 7 years ago

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