Social Work Tech Notes: Is Google Good for Your Social Work Client?

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Digital skills and empowerment

I think it's really important to teach our clients how to use Google's features and to use the Internet in general to seek out and utilize information. It's this astonishingly powerful resource that can really help level playing fields and provide access to information; though of course, then the question of learning to filter the information comes up.
That said... internet availability and the opportunities through free wi-fi can be enormously empowering for our clients in locating the informational resources needed to improve their situations. Youtube alone can teach everything from healthy cooking to cleaning your bicycle chain.

Alex Black more than 4 years ago

Digital skills and empowerment

Thanks for these points, Alex. I agree with your thoughts here. I am a believer in digital literacy education from a young age, which may help fight against bad information.

Stephen Cummings more than 4 years ago

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