Tech Topics - 7 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Social Work Conference Experience

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7 [or more] Ways to Tech!

Great ideas from great minds

Brendan more than 1 year ago


Thanks for reading, Brendan! --Linda more than 1 year ago

Thank You

thank you for using my presentation as an example. just Coincidental not only is my first name Linda, my middle name is Mae spelled with an e.

linda rosenberg more than 1 year ago

You're welcome!

Linda Mae Rosenberg, thank you so much for your comment! I learned so much from your presentation. Also, Sean Erreger shared his experience as a social media ambassador at #NATCON17 in this article. Such an innovative idea. more than 1 year ago

Great advice

Great advice as always Linda! Very helpful suggestions that I will put to use for CSWE!

Karen Zgoda more than 1 year ago

Thank you

Thanks, Karen. I'm glad you got some good ideas from the article. Thanks for your input, too!
--Linda more than 1 year ago