Clinical Intersections: The Remnants of Trauma and the Role of Self-Care

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Reframing the "Problem"

Thank you for these suggestions! I would encourage all of us to rethink using the word "problem" as we identify our normal reactions to trauma. As you say, it's ok not to feel ok. Seeing this as a "problem" can leave a feeling/thought that we are doing something wrong. I would suggest it is perfectly normal. To me the question is not what the problem is but what we do with our reactions that is the key. How do interpret our reactions; do we know our own emotional, behavioral and physical warning signs that we need more self care, to unearth what is unconscious, as you so rightly point out.
I would suggest using language that reflects the expectation of working with trauma, moral distress as normal and understandable while encouraging us to examine the impact carefully. Perhaps "warning signs" would be more applicable than "problem"?
Thanks again for the tips.

Vickie Leff, LCSW, APHSW-C more than 2 years ago