What About Us? The Mental Health of Social Workers

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Thank you, as always

This is Deb Garner, and I’m still working in Germany. What I needed to hear was your encouragement to normalize being a human and having mental health issues. I have found that my journey has strengthened my ability to relate to frightened and desperate people. I tell them I know it can help, because it has helped me. Thanks, Danna.

Deb Harner more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Totally agree with this article. Our team are awesome, without our shared sense of humour and ability to talk stuff through with each other we'd struggle..best tip ever is never to isolate yourself with your feelings or experiences as a SW x

Pip more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for much for sharing this and giving me a great insight into the future. As first year social works student, I am learning the ropes and I have my first official placement in Jan. It is going to be cough, but thank you so much :) I don’t feel alone now.

Ellana more than 3 years ago

Great Thank you from Luxembourg

Very great article that helps seeing things differently. A lot of social workers plays superheroes and try to hide their own questions and difficulties.

Michel more than 3 years ago

This is amazing information, thanks for taking the time to share the in-depth details from caring social workers genuine concerns.

I can tell this is real, and not always easy to share such intricacies. Thanks again. Thanks for being real.

Christa Hutchison more than 3 years ago


GREAT ADVICE! I am in the process of completing my bsw and I am so glad you took the time to share about such a vital issue in our line of work. Thank you!

Melanie Eaton more than 3 years ago


Thanks for sharing this. When I worked as a mental health therapist (no formal training, pursuing my LCSW) I needed to see this. I loved working with the individuals I counseled but hated the effects it sometimes had on me.

Stephanie more than 3 years ago