10 Questions About the ASWB Exams

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Aswb exam

Can you schedule the test 90 days away or do you have to wait to schedule 90 days after the exam?

Amanda Genus more than 3 years ago


Please consult with ASWB about exam requirements. (See aswb.org)

SocialWorker.com more than 3 years ago

Which test should I take?

I received my MSW two years ago but I have not been supervised for my hours yet. Are the recommendations on which test I should take? I would like my own practice one day but am not sure which test is best for now..?

Carrie more than 5 years ago

Exam requirements

The licensing requirements vary by state. Check with your state's social work licensing board to see which license you are qualified to apply for and which level of exam is required for that license.

SocialWorker.com more than 5 years ago

Advanced Generalist Exam

Why is there no practice test for the Advanced Generalist test? The Advanced Generalist exam has the lowest percentage of people who pass the exam.

Sharon more than 7 years ago

Advanced Generalist Exam

I did not know that the AG exam has the lowest percentage of takers who pass!! And yes, why IS there no practice exam? I can't quite figure that out.

MD more than 7 years ago

Is 2014 ASWB exam a new test from 2013?

I have 2013 study guide. do I need 2014 version?

nina scott more than 8 years ago

ASWB Exams

The 2013 ASWB study guide will continue to serve your needs for preparing for the ASWB licensing exams. The content outlines that are included in the study guides are current. Study guides are available for each category of test: bachelors, masters, clinical, and advanced generalist. Each guide includes a content outline specific to the exam category. For more information about the ASWB licensing exams, we hope you will visit the Exam Candidates pages on our website, www.aswb.org. The Examination Candidate Handbook is a free resource that explains how to apply for licensure, and register with ASWB to take the exam. It also offers study tips and information about what to expect on test day and afterwards. Good luck!

Jayne Wood, ASWB more than 8 years ago

Thank you!

Thanks, Jayne. It is very helpful to have this information directly from ASWB staff!

SocialWorker.com more than 8 years ago


I have a 2011 study guide. Will it also meet my needs?

Leigh more than 8 years ago

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