A Black Woman's Journey Toward Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Thank you for sharing your story! It is a vessel of inspiration for an the nations.

Brijida Castro-Henderson more than 7 years ago


I too have a BSW. I was brutally beaten by my mother every day until I was 8 years old. I then went to live with my grandparents where my grandfather sexually abused me. In my early teens, Children Services left it up to ME as to whether or not charges would be filed against him. I do not think that was fair. I also think it is unfair that Children Services won't allow me access to the file against my mother. I want those records. It was my body. I have severe pain today that those records might explain. I want to know if anyone tried to help, etc. Also, can I do anything as a result of Chilren Services failing to charge my grandfather instead of telling me I had to make the decision? I struggle with the fact that my mother and grandfather committed horrible crimes and nothing ever happened to them. I have been to numerous doctors to help deal with my physical pain. I am in severe financial debt due to this. I also pay for psychological services when I can. I suffered as a child and am now suffering as an adult due to the adults who caused this damage as a child. I have forgiven the situations. I do not wish harm to these people. My grandfather passed away and I attended his services. I do not have contact with my mother. I am currently disabled, unable to get the services I need for my body and mind, my car is almost useless, and I have medical debt hanging over my head. People are genuine when they try to help. They say "at least you survived." I hear "life isn't fair." I just want to live a simple life and I do not know how to make that happen.

Kimberly Peck more than 8 years ago

Reply to Kimberly

Kimberly I prayed tight after reading your story. I asked God to cover you and use you to help others starting now. Also the script is far from finished. Where will you spend eternity. God has all the power over good and evil. You will rule with him I pray. I am a male survivor of abuse. Lets be in touch by phone or email if you want

randy more than 6 years ago


There are support networks on the web and in person.
SIA NEW YORK does retreats etc.
Hope SURVIVORS OF INSEST anonymous (literature for so little is very good) can help you too...just being in the family system is hard....

l 170 days ago

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