Interrupting Islamophobia: It Takes a Social Work Village

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I am studying to be a social worker, and as a Muslim, even in 2021, what the author mentioned was happening in 2005, is still happening today. Unfortunately, Islamophobia is also present in the classroom. Some of the experiences make me think that patriotism trumps social work. Also, war, American exceptionalism and imperialism trumps social work. Different schools could be progressive or conservative. But I'm sick and tired of social workers who support American wars and imperialism. The author's approach is what's needed. Critical race theory is also a very helpful to explain the experiences of marginalized and villainized communities, including American Muslims who are easily racially profiled and stereotyped. The public has been primed to perceive Muslims as (unwelcome) aliens and suspects.

Sobia Bano more than 1 year ago

thanks for the topic

Thank you..its verry important topic for me to solve the the problem especially for phobia with the other religion, ethnis, race and so on.

saiful more than 5 years ago

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