OP-ED - Time To Get Into the Game: Social Work and Sports Activists

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The work place and the individual

Sports activists and social work. I respectively suggest the place to protest is not the workplace especially when that venue is often the only reason they would be paid attention or noticed, it is about the team or business not the individual participant. What they wish to do as individuals in any forum away from work is certainly acceptable and their right, imposing that on the work place could lead to changed or lessor outcomes for the business so they certainly have the potential to then limit their available work which is akin to shooting themselves in the foot. We need to recognize the separation from an employer, even a public one and the individual. Without these work place jobs many would have much greater difficulties. The country and flag and our anthem are seen as unifying signs of our shared greater beliefs and those should be honored given the terrible sacrifices that have been made to earn and preserve our ongoing freedoms, keep these out of the situation and workplace. Thanks.

Daniel Bird, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW more than 5 years ago


Agree that the social work profession needs to step up to be proactive in dealing with any injustice, and that the protests that are occurring in sports venues need to be acknowledged for exactly what they are and not be made into some political means for divisiveness. This seems to be a time that is prime for the social work profession to again take a stand for unity.

Dennis Crowell more than 5 years ago

So True!

So true! Social workers have a variety of skills to assist athletes as advocates and philanthropists. Not only are we intimately familiar with the issues athletes are concerned about, but we have experience advocating on a variety of levels. Lets get in the game!

socialworkersinsports@gmail.com more than 5 years ago

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